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Tricia and I have never been on a vacation. We have been on business trips or an occasional family reunion. But we have never gone anywhere for more than two or three days and when we were at the destination we had obligations to do something for somebody else. Our honeymoon was only a single night out of town.

So, one day we decided to take a vacation with the kids and we picked Disney World in Orlando. The children were 8 and 9 at the time - you would not know it from the pictures on the web site because we have not had any time to update the site. At 8 and 9, the children are young enough to enjoy Disney, old enough to remember Disney, and they are still not charged as adults (the adult rate starts at age 10).

Disney is beyond cool. If you are even thinking about it - DO IT! We spent 8 days at Disneyworld and took a lot of video and pictures. I made a video of the vacation, but it is too big and too long to put on the site. So I made this mini version. Please enjoy:

(2007) 8 Days of Disney ---> in 8 Minutes!

OK... Disney was so wonderful I can see why people go back over and over again. I decided to get my family, my sister's family, my other sister, and her boyfriend to all go with us in 2008 (the next year). My brother and his family whimped out. I picked mid september so that it had the fewest number of visitors, it was right after school started! We also tried Universal Studios - but I was not too impressed. I am getting pretty good at setting up Disney Trips! So here is the mini version of Disney mega trip. WARNING: 1 Cuss word in the video

(2008) 8 Days of Disney ---> in under 13 Minutes!

The kids keep on asking, when are we going to Disney again? I am not sure, but next time it will be at the Disney Yacht Club!

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